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BB Reveal

I guess this is kosher? I don't want wendy smacking my hand with a ruler :)

So, the awesome and amazing liliaeth chose to create art for my story, which made me super-excited! Then I remembered how rough my story is and have since apologized to her many many times.

Still, here's the basic summary.

Title: No Hell Below Us
Pairing: Gen
Summary: AU of season 7. Dick Roman really is what he appears to be--a soulless, ruthless businessman. No leviathans, no demons, no angels, no supernatural--just people, some good, some bad. Sam and Dean have spent most of their lives fighting against the oppressive Corporate-State government ruled by Roman, Crowley, and Lucifer. With the re-criminalization of debt and longer sentences for petty crimes, the Corporation decided to implement a system of "External Labor and Housing"--slavery, though nobody official ever calls it that.

Sam and Dean are rebel 'bounty hunters,' trying to save people and get them across the border instead of tracking them down for the Corporation. But Dick Roman has declared the Winchesters Public Enemy Number 1 and everything is reaching critical mass.
Tags: big bang, eep!

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    The start of big bang posting was a lot more exciting last year when I didn't have a story of my own to whip into shape!!

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    Holy crap I did it! I mean, it sucks balls, but it's 20,200 words \o/

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