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Spring Fic Exchange: Fashion Hunters

Title: Fashion Hunters
Author: sylvia_locust

Artist: nicole_sill
Recipient: antrazi
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Word Count: ~2,500
Notes: Written for antrazi, who requested a preseries crossover with Daria, for the spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange. I’m sorry this is so terribly late. Art to be added soon. Thanks to daniomalley22 and jalu2 for the beta.

Summary: John takes the boys to Lawndale to deal with a haunted goalpost, but it looks like Sam might be their next case instead.

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SPN Fic: Hunting 101

Title: Hunting 101
Rating: G except maybe for some language
Pairing: None/Gen
Word Count: 1,000
Disclaimer: Please don't sue me.
Note: 10 drabbles I wrote for spn_bigpretzel's white hats v. black hats challenge. Preseries silliness.

Summary: Dean can't wait to be an awesome hunter like his dad. Sam is his reluctant (and grumpy) accomplice.

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Spring Fic Exchange: "Survey Says!"

Recipient: vexed_wench
Artist: gryphon2k
Title: "Survey Says!"
Characters/Pairing: Gen; Starring John, Dean, Sam, Rufus, & Bobby. Special Guest Star: Richard Dawson.
Word Count: ~2,700
Rating: PG-13 for language?
Beta: oddishly improved this fic vastly, and then, of course, I mucked around with it some more. Mistakes? All mine.
Note: Written for the spn_bigpretzel Spring Exchange, which was a really fun break from all the angst I've been writing. Based on vexed_wench's prompt, which I knew I had to write for as soon as I saw it: "Supernatural characters of your choice on old TV game shows—The Newlywed Game, The Match Game, Family Feud, whatever you like." Also, I'm completely in love with gryphon2k's art, to the point where I might demand ask nicely that she sticks my face in there for next year's holiday cards :D

Summary: It's 1978, and John is trapped in a two-room rental with a broken ankle and two teenage boys. He's going out of his mind with boredom until he spots a shapeshifter posing as a TV game show host.

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SPN Fic: Today's a Birthday

Title: Today’s a Birthday
Author: sylvia_locust
Pairing/Characters: Gen, Bela Talbot
Rating: PG?
Word Count: 500
Warnings: Non-graphic references to child abuse/incest
Note: Based on scarletscarlet's prompt at the supernatural death meme: Young Bela at the funeral for her parents. Also fills the abuse square on my hc_bingo card.

Summary: Abby makes a wish as she blows out her candles. Sometimes birthday wishes do come true.

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Blue Moon (Now I'm No Longer Alone)

Title: Blue Moon (Now I’m No Longer Alone)
Rating: R
Genre: Gen?
Word Count: ~1200
Spoilers: I guess for 5x22, though the story takes place pre-series
Warnings: Maybe the darkest thing I've written. Non-con, possession, OPOV
Disclaimer: Please don't sue me.
Note: Written for this prompt at spnkink_meme. (Hi Ma! Please don't click that link.) Also crosses off the rape/non-con square on my hc_bingo. But don't bother looking for it, there's no comfort here.

Summary: Sam loses his virginity on prom night. So does his possessed prom date.

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Team Gen

SPN Fanfic: I Can Still Hear You When You Drown

Title: I Can Still Hear You When You Drown
Genre/pairing: Gen
Rating: R? For language?
Word count: ~1300
Summary: Sam is a lifeguard the summer before his senior year.
Warnings: Death of a child
Disclaimer: Please don’t sue me.
Prompts: Wildcard (“drowning”) square for my
card and also maybe the grief square for hc_bingo.

Summary: What could be more normal than sitting in a lifeguard chair slathered in sunscreen, watching little kids throw soppy nerf balls at each other?

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SPN Fanfic: Catch a Tiger

Title: Catch a Tiger
Rating: R?
Pairing: None
Word Count: ~3,000
Spoilers: Pre-series, so none? Takes place the summer after "A Very Supernatural Christmas."
Warnings: Creepy OPOV. Also attempted non-con, but not very graphic.
Disclaimer: Please don’t sue me.
Author's Note: Thanks for editing, Mom! No, I'm not telling you my LJ name.
Summary: The boys in room 37 had been alone for four days.


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